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Community Presentations

I welcome opportunites to provide educational information on mental health and other topics and would love to speak for your community group.

Pornography: Understanding the addiction relationship to pornography.  
                     Youth Groups, LDS Standards Night, Firesides, Adult groups, Families.  PTA Organizations.

ADHD/Learning Disabilities: Strategies for working with ADHD and LD Youth.
                     Parents, Schools - Teachers, Civic Organizations

Trauma: The impact of trauma upon brain development, social skills, and relationships.  
                     Civic organizations, LDS Relief Society Enrichment Evenings, Parents, PTA Organizations, Teachers. 

Healthy Sexuality Development:  Understanding normal development in children, ways to discuss topics with children and adolescents.  
                     Civic Organizations, Parent Groups. 

Oppositional Behavior:  Simple Behavior Management Skills for Dealing with Oppositional Behavior in Children and Adolescents.
                     Civic Organizationa, Parent Groups, PTA Organizations, Schools - Teachers. 

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